Score Customer Agreement

Time is money. In the case of actual business payment transactions, this means above all one thing: minimizing the requirements for time and organization. SWIFT`s international telecommunications network has been contributing to this for many years. It allows companies to consolidate their networks with multinational banks and use standardized and proven formats for messaging. LBBW uses SWIFT`s secure and reliable network to send and receive payment messages to its customers and other banks. SWIFT allows businesses and banks to exchange transaction messages in seconds. Here`s an example of how it works: one bank informs another that there is an unpaid transfer order for one of its customers and that the counter-value must be debited on a given date of the settlement account indicated and transferred to the recipient. Other statements contain information on bank statements, documentary transactions or securities and foreign currency transactions. Corporate customers and LBBW can communicate via one of these services via SWIFT for businesses. To do this, it is necessary to sign a MACUG or SCORE master contract between the corporate clients and LBBW. SWIFT for Corporates offers companies two communication opportunities with LBBW: changes in licensing status (examples and instructions) We are currently seeing a large number of calls.

So that we can help those who are in the weakest situations, do not call if there is an emergency. Remember that you can do most of your banking work online, either with our app or via Internet Banking. However, the SCORE service is also based on a closed user group managed by SWIFT. Any company registered with SWIFT for SCORE is allowed to communicate with all participating banks via the SWIFT network. By default, every entry from the company to SWIFT is published with the SCO service code. Any request not to be published as a score FIN participant should be addressed to We are committed to making banking experiences safe – see how. Check out our product and service offering to meet your financial needs. As it is different from SCORE: Participating corporate customers can only exchange SWIFT messages with banks after they register with the banks` MACUG. Member Administered Closed User GroupMACUG is available to all businesses and is a closed user group managed by the bank, in this case LBBW.

MACUG offers the same services and types of messages as score. Standard business environmentThe SCORE communication system is in principle available to all companies. The SWIFT network optimizes communication channels for payments. LBBW also uses this safe and reliable system. We use the latest online security measures to protect your money. The standardized business environment (SCORE) is based on a closed user group managed by SWIFT in which companies can interact with financial institutions.

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