Rest Home Admission Agreement

These items should be included in the host contract: – State the rights and obligations of the resident – list of services included, monthly basic fees and all items that cost in addition (the institution may increase its costs, but only after a written notification of 45 days to the residents concerned.) – Indicate the policy of the care home regarding the right to request medical assistance, if the resident`s resources are exhausted during a stay in the facility – State, if the facility is a medical aid (Medicaid), provider – Indicate the procedure of the care home for filing a complaint – Outline the policy transfer and dismissal of the facility and how these policy decisions can be challenged – Provide details on the leave policy – Provide information on the “bed maintenance policy” if the resident is admitted to the hospital. – Provide information about involuntary dismissal. Read the agreement carefully, as it may contain illegal or misleading provisions. Residential care centres do not charge a fee for the provision of hospitality agreements, so residents could verify agreements from more than one facility to inform the decision-making process. His father was admitted to Bloomingdale on Friday. It turned out that on weekends, this establishment was provided with only temporary staff. That`s why we strongly recommend that you have a lawyer to help you stay or stay in nursing homes. Be careful before signing and including an agreement and make sure you have an Elder Advocate who verifies it. Renunciation of rights: no foster contract should contain a provision that the resident agrees to forego responsibility for lost or stolen personal belongings. Similarly, no foster care contract should include a waiver of responsibility for the health of its residents. It is illegal for a nursing home to ask a Medicare or Medicaid beneficiary to pay the private rate for a short period of time.

In addition, they cannot require a resident to confirm that he or she is not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid if he or she is actually eligible. This legal document protects the resident and the nursing home/hospital by defining the responsibilities of both parties. Health care providers must have a licensing contract. Ask to take the agreement with you and study carefully. If there`s something you don`t realize, let yourself be advised. Remember, power is yours, not his. Don`t let the retirement home force you to make a decision that doesn`t make you comfortable. The more power you have, the more power you have to make decisions in the best interests of your elder. The two points often found in these agreements, which require their most attention, are a provision that the person who signs the agreement is responsible for the resident`s costs and a provision that requires that all disputes be resolved through binding arbitration.

While these may be of the utmost importance, there are other provisions that you should also check carefully before signing a care home admission contract for a loved one.

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