Asset Advisory Agreement

The client wishes to maintain a client`s target asset allocation in order to provide all acquisition data on previously held assets, so that the advisor can rely on this information to analyze the tax consequences of potential orders. The client agrees to give the advisor access to all requested information about assets managed in the account. We do not pass on non-public personal data about our customers or former customers to third parties, unless authorized or required by law or necessary to provide services to you. In accordance with Section 248.13 of Regulation S-P, we may disclose all information we have collected, as noted above, to certain unrelated third parties, such as lawyers, accountants, accountants and individuals or entities that assess our compliance with industry standards. We enter into contractual agreements with all unrelated third parties that prohibit these third parties from disclosing or using the information, except to fulfill the objectives for which we will disclose it. This agreement between Turning Point Financial, Inc. (the “advisor”) and (the “client”) confirms the advisor`s obligation to monitor and manage the client`s account. The account (“account”) consists of all fixed assets agreed by the advisor and client at the opening of the advisory relationship and includes all supplements, replacements and changes that occur during the duration of the agreement. Fixed assets are placed with a director, as the advisor and client refer to each other. The advisor will not be in physical possession of the account assets at any time. The preferred director used by the consultant is the fidelity Registered Investments Advisor Group (“Fidelity”). The client agrees to open a Fidelity account with a limited power of attorney granted to the advisor. This agreement allows the consultant to conduct transactions within Fidelity with the prior agreement of the client and to obtain explanations and confirmations from Fidelity.

This agreement does not allow the advisor to withdraw or transfer money, except on the client`s order or to other accounts of the client. The advisor also states that he does not receive any compensation, fees or commissions from Fidelity or any other broker associated with managed accounts. The client provides investment objectives for the account the advisor can count on. The implementation of this agreement constitutes the assurance given by the awarding entity that the terms of this agreement are not contrary to an obligation to which the client is bound, whether for contractual or legal or other reasons.